Update Your Fireplace with an Insert in Chicago

Have you recently purchased a house with a real brick fireplace, but don’t like chopping wood? Are you hoping to warm up your indoor space but don’t want to worry about open flames or smoke? Do you have a chimney but merely hope to prevent the cold air drafts that it releases when there isn’t a fire burning? Or maybe you just want an updated look without a huge renovation. A fireplace insert in Chicago could be just what you are looking for.

While fireplace inserts are not a simple DIY project, they will improve your heating and lower your energy bill sufficiently immediately after installation. Fireplace inserts are designed to fit directly into your existing fireplace. They come in wood burning or gas burning varieties, so you will have plenty of options. The wood units are quite popular, but gas has become increasingly popular as well. Usually, gas inserts can be attached to a light switch, letting you switch your fireplace on and off with ease. The inserts have a blower, which is a fan that spreads heat evenly throughout your home, so you will always have plenty of heat even on the coldest days of the year.

How Efficient Are Inserts?

These units are incredibly energy efficient. Part of what makes them so efficient is the way they are designed so that the heat doesn’t stay trapped inside of the fireplace. They have a stainless steel flex pipe installed that extended from the unit into the chimney. The pipe is designed so that it holds air in, which prevents backflow into the insert of your home. This is important, because backflow can diminish air quality.

How Much Do Inserts Cost?

Prices vary for fireplace inserts. The price depends on the size of the unit, the brand, and other factors. We offer models that can be affordable for people on all budgets. If you are looking for different heating options to make your home more energy efficiently, an insert is a great solution. It will provide ample heat, and it will not cost a ton of money to operate. By the time the cold Chicago winter rolls around, you will be well prepared with your new fireplace insert.

Northwest Metalcraft offers a huge variety of fireplace inserts in Chicago and the surrounding areas. They have a 22,000 square foot showroom. If you are in the Chicagoland area, stop by for a visit to see everything they have to offer.


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