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We offer a wide range of delivery, installation, repair, and warranty services.

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– Install and Service Direct Vents
– Install Glass Doors
– Install and Service Gas Logs
– Install wood burning fireplaces
– Install wood burning stoves
– Install key valves
– Repair gas leaks
– Install chimney caps
– Replace damper handles
– Install lock top dampers
– Reface fireplaces
– Complete demolition of fireplaces

– Install mantels
– Install surrounds
– Install hearths
– Install granite & marble
– Install cabinets
– Install vent free fireplaces
– Install vent free gas logs
– Install electric fireplaces
– Install pilot lights
– Install & remove log lighters
– Convert fireplaces from gas burning to wood burning
– Convert fireplaces from wood burning to gas

Grills and BBQ

– Run gas line for natural gas BBQ’s
– Repair & service most BBQ’s
– Install replacement parts
– Deep clean grills & BBQ’s
– Assemble grills & BBQ’s


– Replace existing mailboxes
– Install new mailboxes
– Dig mailbox holes & set post in concrete
– Hang wall-mount mailboxes

Patio Furniture

– Re-strap furniture
– Re-sling furniture
– Teak cleaning
– Application of teak protectant
– Delivery & setup of all furniture

Umbrella Repair

– Repair broken strings
– Repair broken umbrella ribs
– Repair canitlever umbrellas


Furniture, Mailboxes,
Grills & BBQ‎

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