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Welcome to Solaire, the Muscle Car of gas grills. Solaire is more than just another pretty stainless steel gas grill. Each Solaire grill has a "rocket under the hood" - the Solaire Infrared Burner - which gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for more tasty, flavorful food than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill. Professional chefs demand high heat to create great taste - and now you can too with a Solaire Infrared.

Solaire Infrared Grills preheat in only 3 minutes and cook about twice as fast as more traditional units. You'll be finishing dessert before the neighbors even start to eat (unless they have a Solaire too!). With this speed, you can make grilling an everyday occurrence rather than just a weekend event, perfect for today's busy lifestyle.

  • Solaire Go Anywhere

    Solaire Go Anywhere

  • Solaire 42

    Solaire 42

  • Solaire 36

    Solaire 36

  • Solaire 30

    Solaire 30

  • Solaire 27

    Solaire 27

  • Solaire 21

    Solaire 21

  • Solaire 27XL

    Solaire 27XL

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