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Northwest Metalcraft, one of Arlington Heights’ oldest family-owned and operated businesses, began selling patio furniture 70 years ago. In 1947, newlyweds Ed and Irene Mayer moved to the family farm, just off Arlington Heights Road. In the barns behind the old house, Ed began an ornamental iron shop. When Irene decided she wanted to have a lawn set, her husband bought her one in downtown Chicago. Soon after, a passer-by (on the then two lane Arlington Heights Road) asked if the set was for sale, Ed sold it for more than he paid. The next week Ed took his truck and picked up four more lawn sets.

That is how it all started. In the 1950’s, Ed opened Northwest Metalcraft selling patio furniture. Needing something to do in the off-season, he added fireplaces to his inventory using his ornamental iron making skills. Later in the 1950’s, when the Weber Grill factory was located on Hickory Street in Arlington Heights, founder George Stephens stopped by Northwest Metalcraft. It was only natural to add his line of grills to their inventory. In the 1960’s, the first gas grills from Charmglow were added, offering new convenience to customers.

Over the years, thousands of outdoor items, patio furniture, grills, mailboxes and outdoor accessories have been added to Northwest Metalcraft’s 22,000-square-foot showroom. Today the small, family business continues to thrive. On any given day, up to eight Mayer and Selleck family members will be working: either in-house or out on a job. Our pride in customer service, personal attention, and our reputation for quality and longevity have made Northwest Metalcraft an integral part of the community. Each and every day, we continue the tradition that Ed and Irene began for us: customer satisfaction.

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